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  • APP : Amnis
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Reproduzir e editar vídeos

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Amnis íconeNo more waiting!Amnis is a video player that can stream videos directly from torrents! It supports all video formats. It can also play videos from files and network (HTTP, RTP, RTSP, etc… ). Chromecast is supported – Cast torrents directly to your TV!With Amnis, you can jump forward in the video even if you played it from torrent! You can download subtitles directly from your favorite service in one click or load it from a file. You can extend the functionality of the app by installing add-ons. Currently, Amnis supports only add-ons for subtitles providers, but other types of add-ons will be added shortly.Main features of Amnis:- Amnis can play videos from torrents, files, and network. It supports all video formats!- Download subtitles directly from your favorite service in one click! – Amnis functionality can be extended via add-ons. – Supports all of the advanced features of the BitTorrent protocol (magnet links, IPv6, uTP, DHT, peer exchange, etc…)- Supports Chromecast – Cast torrents directly to your TV!- Screen mirroring via Miracast (or cable) is supported!You can try to install an additional add-on example: developers – The add-ons are written in Lua ( ) with an interface to Java objects using JLua ( ).Addon source examples:

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