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AMP Video

  • APP : AMP Video
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Reproduzir e editar vídeos

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AMP Video

AMP Video íconeThe AppMyProduct Video Client allows you to view video streams from your AppMyProduct enabled device. Securely and with no firewall hassle – using strong encryption and P2P techniques.If your camera or DVR comes with built-in AppMyProduct support, just power it on and discover it with this app. After the initial pairing, you can later access it securely from outside your local network without setting up port forwarding or messing with e.g. DYN DNS. You can control guest access to friends.If your camera or home-made DVR (e.g. a Raspberry Pi device) does not yet support AppMyProduct, first follow the simple steps on to enable AppMyProduct support.This version supports MJPG streams as served by the simplest webcam software. Future versions will add more codecs, including MP4.

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