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BD CRM Lite íconeBD CRM Lite provides you with your very own, private CRM system, straight on your phone. At its core, this App provides you with a system to create, review and edit notes for all of your contacts.Ideal for business people who work in the B2B/B2C world, our app has found success with people from jobs traversing Business Development, Sales, Consultancy, Account Management and Recruitment. Essentially, anyone who is required to have constant conversations with multiple different clients will find BD CRM Lite a facilitator for business.**CORE FUNCTION**Notes- A user can review, edit or delete notes attached to any contact in their address book – as well as copy them.Call- BD CRM Lite really is your one-stop shop for business. You have the option to phone or email any contact you want by simply clicking the call button by their name within the App.- You can also call any number within the app using the inbuilt phone keypad. – This allows you to review a clients notes and in the same moment call them without having to find their number on your contact-list.Privacy- Your Privacy is of the utmost importance to us.- This ‘App’ is your very own CRM system and as such all details and information you store within it are strictly personal to your phone only. B-enableD does not have any access to the notes or information that you create.- In order to use this App properly, BD-Notes simply requests access to phone calls, call logs, contacts and permission to draw over other apps. Please accept these permissions when opening the app for the first time, they are necessary for the app to function correctly.To learn more about this product, please visit our website – where we have a step-by-step walk-through outlining the core features and more.

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