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Bellabeat íconeThe Bellabeat app is the official app for all Bellabeat products. The app reads all the captured information from your Bellabeat devices and translates it into useful data that can help you improve specific aspects of your daily routine and help you reach your wellness goals. The app also offers creative and motivational notifications, to keep you inspired while you work on your well-being. Bellabeat products that work with the Bellabeat app are Leaf, wellness tracker, Spring, smart water bottle, and Time, hybrid wellness watch.ACTIVITY- Track your activity throughout the day and get useful insights into your habits- Track steps, calories, distance, and duration of activity- Offers an extensive list (70+) of custom activities to select fromSLEEP- Track and improve your sleep patterns- Identify the length of light and deep sleep modes you’re in- Track sleep quality (Learn more about the correlation between the quality and duration of your sleep, and the amount of movement you make during sleep)STRESS- See what aspects of your daily life impact your stress levels- Observe areas of improvement to enhance resistance to stress- Learn more about the physical aspects of health that can impact your stress levelsMEDITATION AND BREATHING- Reduce stress and anxiety through calming meditation exercises- Track your breathing through Leaf to determine your level of calm- Choose between extensive list of meditation and breathing exercises (35+) suitable for all level practitioners (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)- Make use of the special exercise to focus on achieving your maximum (Focus like Lolo Jones)MENSTRUAL CYCLE- Track your menstrual cycles, and ovulation period- Learn how to keep physical balance during your period- See the effects of your menstrual cycle on other aspects of your daily lifeHYDRATION- Track your water intake and work on reaching your water intake goal – Receive reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day- Hydration feature works optimally with Bellabeat smart water bottle, SpringALARMS & ALERTS- Receive silent vibration alerts and alarms from your Leaf or Time device- Set a wake-up or contraception pill alarms- Inactivity alert will vibrate if you are inactive for some time (change sensitivity via Inactivity alert level)GOALS- Set your personalized activity, sleep, meditation and hydration goals and achieve them with the help of Bellabeat productsINTEGRATIONS- Sync certain data measured by Leaf or Time to the Google Fit app. This service is optional.NOTICE: App works with Bellabeat products. Only some features are available without hardware device.

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