Camera OS 13 : Camera Phone XS ícone

Camera OS 13 : Camera Phone XS

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Camera OS 13 : Camera Phone XS

Camera OS 13 : Camera Phone XS íconeAt WWWDC 2018 on 12 June, Appl announced and demoed its new OS 12 operating system for Pad, Phone and Pod touch. The OS won't officially launch until autumn – probably September – but in the meantime, developers and even members of the public can try out the various beta testing versions and check out the new features and interface tweaks for themselves. But now you can experience Camera OS 12 on the Android phone. Upgrades to the icamera's filters and tons of tiny tweaks make the iCamera app exceptionally interesting and highly functional. Filters of Camera OS 11 are viewers that let you dress up any mundane photo you please to hopefully make it more interesting to look at, and perhaps even improve image quality. iCamera OS 12 gives you a brand new crop of photo filters, adding that special aura to your pictures while leaving skin tones intact. filters are more subtle, aesthetically pleasing, and natural looking than the previous batch. Plus, they can be applied directly in the window as you take your shot — in addition to option to apply the same filters while editing. This totally revamped filter collection is more logical, professional, and useful.Video Recording Video maker on your phone with style filter, edit of Phone XS. Video with Full HD and save your SD card. Square Camera With Camera Square you will have photo square also not crop for instagram of facebook etc. Panorama Camera Camera integrate option panorama on icamera you can choice “paranoma” and so take photoFeatures iCamera OS 12: Take photo with organic styleTake photo with many filter Camera control easyPreview photo on icamera Video Recording full HDSquare type camera Selfie Camera Back cameraFlashlight on icamera Alarm so take photo with 5s, 10s, 3sSave photo and video on SD cardEdit Photo after take photoEtc..Now, you install icamera for OS 12 and experience awesome on your hand. Take photo and smile. All something let for Camera Phone XS do it.Feedback for us and rate comment for app better.

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