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Cami Counter

  • APP : Cami Counter
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Produtividade

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Cami Counter

Cami Counter íconeCami Counter is very simple and easy to use app.Count is incremented by touching the counter view. To reset the counter, press and hold the counter view. Counter is maintained even if the app is terminated.Also, the hardware volume key allows the counter to be increased or decreased.The timer is used to record time when counter is incremented. When you touch the timer view, the timer is running. Touch again, the timer is stopped. To reset the timer, press and hold the timer.The timer is running even if app is terminated. The timer is work up to 100 hours.When you press the record button, you can check the records of each time. This feature can be used as a substitute for the stopwatch.

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