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CarBit íconeThe application for car diagnostics allows you to display data from various electronic vehicle blocks using the ELM327 OBDII adapter, display graphics in real time, and also save them and view them later, shows and Resets engine fault codes / DTC trouble codes.It is possible to configure the min/max value for each sensor/PID, at which output, an “alarm” will be triggered.Supports Bluetooth ELM327 and Wi-Fi ELM327 OBD adapters.It is better to use adapters V1.5, to V2.1 a lot of complaints about incorrect work.Attention!ELM327 chips work only with cars with OBD2 support:Cars manufactured in the USA since 1996,In the Europe countries since 2001. (gasoline cars) and since 2003. (diesel),In Japan, since ~ 2000.In addition to standard OBDII parameters, special ones are supported, for differentcar brands, the following options are now available: BMW – (DIESEL, E91+AT) BYD – (MT20U, ABS) Chery – (MT20U, MT20U2, ActecoME797) Chrysler/Dodge – (DIESEL, AT) Citroen – (C4, C5, Sagem2000, CAN/AT6, EDC16C3 , MEV17.4.2) Daewoo – (SiriusD42) Fiat – (IAW49F, IAW5SF) Ford – (ECU, PWM/AT, PWM/ABS, CAN/DIESEL, CAN/AT, CAN/TPMS, CAN/ABS ) Geely – (MT20U, MT20U2, M797) GM/Chevrolet/Pontiac – (ECU, AT, ABS, SiriusD42) GreatWall – (MT20U2, EOBD, CAN/4D20) Honda – (Fit, Accord, CRV/DIESEL, Insight) Jeep – (ECU, DIESEL, AT, TPMS) KIA, Hyundai -~15 PIDs for each model(ATF Temperature, Knock detected and etc) Land Rover – (RANGE/3.6L, DISC4/3.0L, DISC3/TD6, FL2/TD4) Lifan – (MT20U, MT20U2, ActecoME797, ME1788, ABS) Mazda – (ECU, AT, ABS, CAN/TPMS, CAN/SWA) Mercedes – (W203/CDI, W169/CVT, W168) Mitsubishi – (CAN/ECU, CAN/CVT, CAN/SS4II, CAN/AWC, MUT/OBD, MUT/GDI) (Once again, Mitsubishi until ~2000(2000 50/50) does not support OBD, so can not work with ELM327) Nissan – (CAN/ECU, CAN/CVT, CAN/AWD, CAN/METER, CONSULT2) Opel – (ECU, AT, ABS, X18XE, Z16XE, Y17DT, CDTI1.6L, CDTI1.3L) Peugeot – (MEV17.4.2, EDC16C3, ME744, AL4/CAN, AL4/KWP) Renault – (CAN/ECU, CAN/DIESEL, KWP/DIESEL, Sagem2000, KWP/EMS3132) Skoda – (CAN UDS TSI/TFSI) SsangYong – (KWP/ECU, KWP/AT5, D20DT, CAN/D20DTF, CAN/DSI6) Subaru – (ECU, ECU/DIESEL, SSM2, SSM2/DIESEL, SSM2/AT, KWP/ABS) Suzuki – (CAN/ECU, KWP/ECU) Toyota – (CAN/ECU, KWP/ECU, Prius10,Prius20,Prius30/Alpha,Prius30/AC) VAG – (TDI/2.5L, CAN UDS TSI/TFSI) Volvo – (D5/P3) VAZ – (Yanvar 7.2, Itelma VS5.1 R83, Itelma M73, Itelma M74 KWP/CAN, AT/JATCO, AMT/ZF, Vesta/Largus K4M,H4M) GAZ – (MIKAS10.3/11.3, MIKAS11/E2) ZAZ – (MIKAS10.3/11.3, MR140) UAZ – (MIKAS10.3/11.3, MIKAS11/E2, M86CAN) The list of models and parameters will be updated…Not all PIDs from the list for a certain car brand can be supported by your car, for convenience you can select the types of the required PIDs in the "Settings / PID types"For certain brands of cars (currently some Mitsubishi models), have the ability to control various systems (turn on a cooling fan, a gasoline pump, etc.)To read the MUT parameters and control the actuators on Mitsubishi models with CAN bus(Montero/Pajero IV, Outlander 2, etc.), you need to create a profile with the ISO 9141-2 protocol, and in the remaining profiles (for reading CAN parameters) leave the protocol ISO 15765-4 CAN (11bit 500K) or automatically.Not all Mitsubishi CAN-bus models support ISO 9141-2 connectivity.So there are ample opportunities for creating your own parameters.

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