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Clone Camera

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Clone Camera

Clone Camera ícone★ Participate to win a spot in our showcase by following us on Instagram @Petavision and adding #CloneCameraChoice to your favorite photos.★ Want to create photos that stand out? Wish you could clone yourself? CloneCamera helps you create flawless clone photos! There's no preset frames, so let your imagination run free! Features: 1. Mind-blowing photos 2. An enhanced self-timer 3. Numerous filters to choose from 4. Share with your friends instantly 5. A start-up guide to help you on your first try 6. Supports high-resolution images Instructions: 1. Take as many photos as you want 2. Select up to 4 photos to combine 3. Outline the subject you want to clone 4. Press 'Preview' to check the final result 5. Choose a filter, adjust, and crop 6. Share! ————————————————— Participate to win a spot in our showcase! All you have to do is: 1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter Facebook: Instagram: @Petavision Twitter: @Petavision 2. Tag #CloneCameraChoice to your favorite photos ————————————————— See others' pictures on Instagram by searching #clonecamera ————————————————— See Android reviewers web site: follow us here: Facebook: @petavisionHome: http://www.peta-vision.comcontact us here: [email protected]

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