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Cloudy íconeCloudy offers the following features to help you memorize words efficiently.* Please keep the word book closest.Have you studied in the remaining time when you collect all the English words in your notebook?Now, let's study by adding a widget to the home screen instead of a notebook.You can easily learn words anytime and anywhere.* Have you ever forgotten the words you learned yesterday?It will automatically remind you to review the words you have learned in Cloudy.The review schedule is efficiently set up with Ebbing House's forgetting curve and Lightner's learning method.I will never forget the words I learned yesterday the next day!* It is important to study foreign languages ​​steadily.Set learning goals and get a daily learning habit.Check your weekly learning statistics to see if you have studied well for a week.* Your own word bookAlthough it is a good practice to use a word book that is already registered, the most effective way to memorize words is to use the word you have studied as a word book.(Developer Tips ?: Making a word book itself is useful for review!)* Automatically linked with Google SpreadsheetHave you ever lost your vocabulary book due to model changes?Do you need to manually manage to back up your hard-worked word book?Use Google login in Cloudy to automatically back up the word book filled in Google Spreadsheet.Words learned or added in the app are automatically reflected in Google Spreadsheet.Also, if you add a new word to Google Spreadsheet, it will be automatically reflected in the app!* Free word bookEnglish, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, etc.You can share various foreign language word books with other users.—-Description of access rights)This app does not require internal access.When you log in to GoogleRequest account Google Drive access.In addition, the user's word book information excluding the shared word book is not saved on the server.Even if you are not logged in to Google, you can use the app sufficiently.

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