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Conquer Online – MMORPG Game

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  • Relatório : Android
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  • Categoria : RPG

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Conquer Online – MMORPG Game

Conquer Online - MMORPG Game íconeConquer Online is a Free to play ACTION MMORPG game. With 2021 new features, you can play Conquer Online anytime and anywhere with a mobile network or Wi-Fi, on your Android devices! In the world of Conquer, you'll meet friends from different countries, and play as a gallant hero to explore the mystery and danger of the orient! In this land, you will slay dreadful monsters, set up your own guilds, and defeat formidable enemies with incredible skills. All this will only be achieved in this PvP oriented Conquer Online II! FEATURES —A FREE WORLD WITHOUT BOUNDARY -Explore the thrilling fantasy world anytime from anywhere! -9 years of hard work and dedication gives rise to the world in which you can do basically anything! -Multiple classes such as Monk, Pirate, Warrior, Dragon Warrior, Taoist…you can basically become whoever you dream to be. -As special as the reincarnation system has become, the afterlife has never been so great! —THE LARGEST BATTLEFIELD -Once you step in, you'll never get out at will. Thousands of people contend at the same time in competitions & PK activities! -Forming a guild of your won, defeating other formidable opponents with the eye-catching class skills and the powerful PVP system! —INTERACT WITH THE WORLD -Chit-chat, hang out, develop a relationship, all these happen in real-time! Nothing's impossible in the world of Conquer! -Ride into battles with the mounts, including oriented Celestial Bird, western Scale Dragon, or Ice Phoenix, and more! -Shine among the friends with the gorgeous garments put on! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: CUSTOMER SERVICE:c[email protected] GROUP:

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