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Emily Dickinson Poems

Emily Dickinson íconeEmily Elizabeth Dickinson is the great American poet.The tragedy of her life, like many geniuses, is that she received neither glory nor recognition during her life. It was published less than ten poems of almost 2000 written in a short period of her working lifetime. Emily Dickinson's poetry is considered to be revolutionary by many linguists and literary critics of that time. Special motives, style, rhythm, punctuation fully reveal the extraordinary worldview of this brilliant woman, who is recognized as the greatest English-speaking poet. We a group of like-minded people who are passionate about poetry decided to create this collection of poems by eminent authors.Among us are teachers, artists, programmers. We all love poems so much. We believe that poetry is painting in words.The idea of creating this poetic library appeared at a time when we realized that to us, to our children and students there is a lack of a common source of information that would be always at hand and where, without effort, we could find the works of our favorite authors. We sincerely believe and hope that this initiative will find its like-minded people. Thanks for the feedback and rating. For us it is very important.Why is it important to read poetry?Poetry is the greatest art that gives a special meaning, rhythm to ordinary words. Poetry is directly related to music. If you think that there is no poetry around you, and it is left in the past you are very much mistaken. Poetry nowadays exists more than ever. Count how many songs have you heard in the course of your life? All they were certainly with poems, with rhythm and rhyme. We believe that it is necessary to read and write poetry. This is a very exciting activity, it brings joy. Poetry can convey emotions, thoughts, throw them out on the screen or paper. Write your poems, send them to us, and we will try our best to bring them to the reader. Because it is about poetry that our job is dedicated!

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