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Enterprise Browser for Data Collection 2019

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Enterprise Browser for Data Collection 2019

Enterprise Browser for Data Collection 2019 íconeDryrain Technologies' Enterprise Browser for Data Collection is the ultimate software platform made to empower enterprise data capture accessories such as purpose-build Android Devices that incorporate barcode scanners, magnetic strip readers (MSR), printers, NFC devices, and other automated data capture accessories.This "Enterprise Browser" will intelligently transcribe data into entry fields of any web page or web-based app; whether designed specifically for data entry or simply a generic form! This powerful feature saves users from having to tap and interact with the screen for each scan required in their workflow.For more advanced users this Enterprise Browser offers a full HTML/JavaScript development platform that gives WebApp developers the ability to make and receive hardware calls via JavaScript functions. The ability to control third party hardware, manage native app parameters, and process data without user intervention are just some of the features of the HTML/JavaScript platform.Our easy to use App Settings give the user complete control over all aspects of the App and its operation. The ability to set the default homepage, customize the buttons/colors/operation, and control how the scan and MSR data is processed are just a few of the options available in the Settings page, with other popular features including: • Ability to clear the local browser cache • Selectable input field types to populate • The ability to either append or overwrite any existing data in the selected input field • And much more!These settings can be locked down and automatically pushed to devices in the field; assisting IT departments with hardware rollouts with or without a Mobile Device Management platform (MDM)!If you recently purchased (or plan to purchase) any of the devices listed below, then the Dryrain Technologies Enterprise Browser for Data Collection will provide the ease and flexibility to seamlessly capture data into any web form — and so much more! • Zebra TC51/TC56 • Zebra TC52/TC57 • Datalogic Memor 10 • Newland Carelink M10 • Ascom Myco™ 3 smartphone • Spectralink Versity • Honeywell Mobility Edge devices including: – Honeywell CT40 – Honeywell CT60 – Honeywell CN80 – Honeywell CK65 – Honeywell VMA1Perfect for retail, healthcare, warehouse, field sales, field service, transportation, logistics, hospitality and entertainment industries.As with all apps developed by Dryrain Technologies, this software is backed by superior support services. Contact us by e-mail at [email protected] advanced features of this product require the hardware to be licensed.Contact Dryrain Technologies for more information at [email protected]

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