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GoShopee India

GoShopee íconeAbout Go Shopee• Mission: To bridge the gap between small and medium scale retailers and customers by offering a wide range of merchandise with attractive discounts on their smart phones.• Vision: To become a leading advertising app for retailers and a revolutionary buying portal for customers thereby attaining maximum customer satisfaction. • Core Values: Speed, Precision, Productivity and Collaboration• Tie-Ups: We have tie-up with a reputed company. GoShopee App is the key to a bright business future.WHY CHOOSE USGOSHOPEE A BOON FOR RETAILERS AND CUSTOMERS• Strengthening the B2C link• Revolutionizing the Ad Industry• the Retailers• Empowering Consumers.APP USP UNIQUENESS• One of a kind• User-friendly interface• Affordable advertising platform• Measurable ROI on advertisements• Improved store visibility• Substantial discounts for customers• Free shopping with Shopee+ points• Hassle-free shopping in a new cityCUSTOMERS BENEFITShopee Point Benefits:• Earn shopee points on registration• Locate the stores under different merchandise categories• Choose your offer• Travels down to the store using store locator & avail the discount offer using shopee points.Shopee+ Point Benefits:• Hit ads run by different marketers• Earn shoppe+ points on each hit• Shop with registered stores using shopee+ pointsHow it works for CustomerSuppose a customer buys a package of INR 1000 on registration. He gets 1000*10=10,000 shopee points.Let’s assume that he goes to a particular store listed on the Go Shopee app that is offering a discount of 20%.If the customer does shopping worth INR 3000, he gets the discount of 600 (20% of 3000).He needs to pay only INR 2400 (3000-600) in cash. The discounted amount will be deducted from his Shopee points.RETAILERS BENEFIT• Publish your ad on the GoShopee platform after registration• Track the number of hits by a visitor• Enjoy higher online visibility• Offer Attractive discounts• Generate revenue more than ever before with increased number of customersHow it works for RetailerSuppose a retailer buys a package of INR 15000 on registration with Go Shopee instead of investing in a hoarding.Lets assume he publishes the advertisement on Go Shopee app.Now whenever a customer views that particular advertisement, 1 point will be credited to his Shopee+ points wallet.When a customer shops using these points, retailer gets Returns on the InvestmentWhy Customers should join Go Shopee?• Attractive offers and discounts• Free shopping• Endless list of products• Store Locator• Trust worthy and hassle free shopping in a new city. Why Retailers should join Go Shopee?• Get enormous earning opportunities• Receive extra income with a leverage• Reap the benefits of being registered with Go Shopee as a retailer• Enjoy heavy footfall at your outlet• Get online presenceBe a part of growing community and enjoy maximum benefitsFor more details, please visit our website at https://www.goshopeeindia.comPermissions for App and reasons:Location :Required to locate nearby retailers.Camera : We use this to scan OR Code.

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