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  • APP : GridArt
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Arte e design

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GridArt íconeGrid method of drawing we draw the grid on reference photo and the same number of Grid on canvas paper, please note that the number and aspectratio of the grid must be the same. Now start drawing block by block, it makes your art perfect. The grid Drawing allows you to draw any number of the row-col and square and non-square grids. Also, you can crop photos to any aspect ratio or predefine aspect ratio like A4,16:9,9:16,4:3,3:4. Also, you can change grid color and opacity according to your need and save for later use or for print out.Key features of Grid Drawing* Draw grids on any image, select from gallery or capture and save them for printout* Draw Square grid and Rectangle grid with user define row and column.* Crop Image or canvas to any aspect ratio.* Zoom image to capture every detailing.* Enable or disable row-column and cell number with custom text size.* Change color and opacity of grid line and row-column number.* Sketching filter for easy drawing.

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