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Guess the Cartoon Quiz

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Guess the Cartoon Quiz

Guess the Cartoon Quiz íconeThe most awesome CARTOONS packed into ONE game!HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU KNOW? Have a look at the pic and guess the CARTOON! It's simple and free to play and a lot of FUN! This game will take you on a journey to meet the best cartoons in the history of entertainment! Imagine all the funny or comic characters, superheroes, villains, animated movies and serials, anime etc. that you have grown up watching. Well, you are getting all of them in ONE game! But can you recognize them? This game is truly an entertaining challenge!EARN BRAGGING RIGHTS!Can you recognize the best cartoons? Test your knowledge and become the ultimate Entertainment Guru. Even logos and shadows are used at certain places to denote cartoons. So use your mind sharply. PLAY SOME, LEARN SOME! Don’t miss out on knowing about the most popular cartoons in the world. This game is not just limited to film or tv. It is packed with awesome pics and endless entertainment. Also, it is not hard to play at all! SHARE THE FUN! This picture puzzle game is perfect to play with your family and friends. Get everyone involved! Bring them around your mobile phone to play this trivia game. You can play question answer with them using this app. Or you can simply challenge them to see who knows more. Credit for the amazing images, icon and logo goes to – Makhmoor Syed !Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter:

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