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Hexnode UEM

Hexnode UEM íconeThis is the companion app for Hexnode UEM. This app enables the overall management of your Android devices with Hexnode's Unified Endpoint Management solution. With Hexnode UEM, your IT team can remotely configure settings on the devices in your enterprise, enforce security policies, manage mobile applications and remotely lock, wipe and locate devices. You can also access any app catalogs your IT team has set up for you. Send location notes from within the app with Hexnode. Messages sent via the MDM console and device compliance details can be viewed right within the app. Kiosk management feature sets up the device to run only the specific app(s) and apply the services configured by the administrator, preventing all other apps and functionalities. Access to the features like flashlight, Wi-Fi network, and Bluetooth can be blocked/unblocked, report location manually to the administrator, prevent the screen from sleeping, and remotely adjust volume and brightness while in the kiosk mode.NOTES:1. This is not a standalone app, it requires Hexnode's Unified Endpoint Management solution for managing devices. Please contact your organization's MDM administrator for further help.2. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.3. This app might need to access device location in the background.Features of Hexnode UEM:• Centralized Management Hub• Fast, over-the-air enrollment• QR code-based enrollment• Bulk enrollment of devices via Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment and Android zero-touch enrollment• Seamless integration with Active Directory and Azure Active Directory• Integration with G Suite for device enrollment • Device groups to apply policies to bulk devices• Smart Mobile Application Management• Effective Content Management • Advanced Data Management • Enterprise app deployment & app catalogs• Policy and configuration management• Compliance check and enforcement• Email and network configuration• Remote lock, wipe and location tracking capabilities• Send notes describing location manually to the administrator• Excellent Mobile kiosk management to restrict access to the allowed apps only• Options to permit/restrict switching Wi-Fi networks, flashlight, Bluetooth, adjust volume and brightness and keep the screen on while in kiosk mode• Kiosk browser to enable multi-tabbed browsing and enhance security• Advanced website kiosk settings to build a perfect website kiosk • Build geofences to restrict users from accessing data outside the permitted region• Support for Samsung Knox, LG GATE and Kyocera business devices.Setup instructions:1. Enter the server name into the text area provided. The server name will look like portalname.hexnodemdm.com. If asked, enter the email address and password provided by the administrator.ORIf you have a QR code to enroll devices, tap the QR code icon and scan the code.2. Activate device administration and continue with enrollment.DISCLAIMER: Continuous use of GPS in the background and high screen brightness can dramatically decrease battery life. Contact your MDM administrator for any queries.

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