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iTIVA ícone"Manage any volumetric pump like a TCI device with different intravenous drugs"TRY IT FOR FREE, 10 USES WITHOUT TIME RESTRICTIONS!Please support future development upgrading to Plus version subscribingiTIVA is a simulation program that provides information about distribution of drugs based on mathematical models, and it simulate the behavior of a TCI pump, obtaining infusion rates to reach and maintain a stable target effect site concentration, those schemes can be implemented in volumetric infusion pumps, and be guided with pharmacokinetics models.So now pharmacokinetics can become an easy topic and understanding what is going on during a infusion of a intravenous drug, too.Pharmacokinetic modelsiTIVA has 11 drugs y 33 pharmacokinetic models, that are updated continuously:-Remifentanil Adults: Minto
, Eleveld, Kim Kids: Rigby-Jones, Ross-Fentanyl
 Adults: Shafer, Scott
 Kids: Ginsberg, Encinas (Neonates)-Sufentanil
 Adults: Gepts, Bovill
 Kids: Greely-Alfentanil
 Adults: Maitre-Ketamine Adults: Domino, Clements-250
 Kids: Herd, Elkomy-Procaine Adults: Seifen-Lidocaine
 Adults: Dyck, Schnider-Propofol
 Adults: Schnider, Eleveld, Marsh, Cortinez
 Kids: Peadfusor, Kataria, Eleveld-Dexmedetomidine
 Adults: Hannivoort, Dyck, Lin, Venn
 Kids: Potts-Midazolam
 Adults: Albrecht, Greenblatt-Tranexamic
 Adults: Grassin-Delyle Kids: Goobie, Grassun-DelyleiTIVA also calculate the end tidal (Et) for Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane for the MAC age, with the use of the Mapleson equation.Created by David Ramirez MD, Cali – Colombia. Universidad de Valle. [email protected]• WARNING:iTIVA is not designed to handle intravenous drugs for individual patients. Its use is limited to educational purposes to demonstrate pharmacokinetic principles when performing intravenous anesthesia. Therefore the user assumes all risks from the use of this application for clinical purposes. Infusion schemes are obtained from concentrations based on models published in the medical literature; therefore concentrations achieved from these schemes can vary widely, in the same manner for clinical effects.This application should only be used by people with extensive knowledge in Anesthesiology.

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