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LetsHeartify íconeLet's Heartify (R) was founded by Crish Chengappa, a 16 YO, 10th grader, in Bangalore, India, as a one-stop information and support portal to contain Congenital Heart Disease, the most common, yet little known, birth defect in the world. After successfully leading a school campaign to raise funds for urgent heart surgeries for underprivileged children, Crish realised the enormity of the work yet to be done and the fact that with the right approach, sustainable change could be effected. CONTAINING THE KILLER All over the world, millions of babies are born with some heart defect or other and while many cannot survive the severity of the malformations, many are unable to access the right treatment on time, either due to ignorance or unaffordability – most CHDs require surgical intervention and the costs are very high.But statistics show that at least 30% can be saved with timely information, intervention and interest ̶- it is this aspect of CHD alleviation that Let’s Heartify was founded to address. AWARENESS IS KEY Each one of us knows at least one child with CHD or one person connected with a heart-kid. Yet, very few of us are aware of it and that such a condition even exists. We cannot fight something we are not aware of. Let’s Heartify aims to increase awareness of CHD so that more and more people will know of CHD, its symptoms, its support lines and hence can be involved in its containment. ALL IT TAKES IS A WORD Literally. When the right people talk at the right time to the right people, necessary mechanisms come into force and lives are saved. Let’s Heartify conducts awareness broadcasts, screening camps, fundraisers and events online and on-ground to spread the word on CHD, to ensure that those who need help, can access it, and those who would like to help, know where to go. HEARTY CONNECTIONSIn India alone, nearly 200,000 babies are born with CHD, every single year. With timely diagnosis and access to essential medical attention, we can save at least 60,000 of these children. Do your bit. Join the Let’s Heartify Movement today and save a child. Register your interest as a patient, donor or campaigner and take the first step in your fight against Congenital Heart Disease. Start now. Let's heartify!

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