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Pascal N-IDE

Pascal N-IDE íconeThe application is a Pascal interpreter on Android. This application is confusing for everyone to learn Pascal on the mobile without a computer, so that we can practice anytime, anywhere.1. The main features of the IDE: – Compile Pascal programs and run them without Internet. – Error when compiling – Powerful editor with many smart features: ★ File menu: create a new program file, open, save,automatically save file ★ Menu edit: Undo, redo, copy, paste. ★ Auto suggest: Display a small popup window that suggests words that coincide with the word being typed ★ Auto format: automatically reformat the code for easier viewing. ★ Find / Find and replace: Regular Expression support. ★ Goto line: Move the cursor to a line. ★ Highlight code: highlight the keywords. ★ Code style: many interface for the editor. ★ Font size, font, word wrap. – Support library Android (Sensor, battery, record audio, camera…) 3. Libraries supported for Android – The "aTTSpeech" library converts text to speech. See example text_to_speech.pas – The "aRecognition" library converts speech to text (requires Google Voice). See example speech_to_text.pas. – The "aVibrate" library supports vibration control. You see example vibrate.pas – The "aSensor" library supports processing of Android sensors (light, acceleration, …). See accelerometer_sensor.pas for accelerometer sensor example – The "aNotify" library helps display notifications in the status bar. See the example notify.pas – The "aClipboard" library works with the clipboard in Android. See the clipboard.pas example – The "aBattery" library retrieves the battery information of the device. See battery.pas example- If you want to add or improve a translation of PASCAL-NIDE, please visit this link am constantly working to improve this product. If you want to help me with the content (language translation, example code), please contact me via mail. I am very happy for your support.

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