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Pepi Tree Lite

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  • Relatório : Android
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Pepi Tree Lite

Pepi Tree Lite ícone"Pepi Tree Lite" gives you two levels to play. Get the full version for more!Pepi Tree Lite is an educational game where children explore tree-dwellinganimals and their habits in a fun way.The application has an educational background focusing on a tree as aneco-system or – using simpler words – a home for different animals.Children get to know many facts about them: what they look like, whatthey eat and how they get their food, where exactly they live – in thebranches, on the leaves or under the ground, when they sleep and more.Encourage your kids playing and getting friends with those lovely treeinhabitants – a little caterpillar, an owl, a spider, the squirrels, ahedgehog and a mole. Each of them lives on a separate "floor" of thetree and represents different tasks to accomplish what makes sixdifferent games.Key Features:- 2 different games;- 2 original music tracks and sounds you'll love;- More than 20 lovely characters;- Beautiful illustrations and animations;- Needs no translation;- No rules, win or lose situations;- No third-party advertising;- No in app purchases;Recommended ages: 2-7View Pepi Tree video: – – – – – – – – – – – -Try our other games:Pepi BathPepi Bath LiteRead more on

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