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Raton Perez

Raton Perez íconeThe World’s First Raton Perez AppWe all remember the excitement of leaving a newly lost tooth under the pillow in exchange for a surprise or a bit of cash. In many countries is not a fairy the ones that complete this important task, but a mouse. Meet Raton Perez, the charming and adventurous mouse that collects teeth. Raton Perez is famous in many countries, also known as La Petite Souris, the Tooth Fairie, Topolino del dentino, and the Tooth Mouse.Add a little magic and create memories your kids will treasure forever!With the Raton Perez App you will be able to- Capture Raton Perez On VideoFor the first time ever, you can catchRaton Perez real time in your house! The world's first video tool to capture Virtual Raton Perez. You can follow him with the camera, as he walks in your home. You can select different scenes, size and angles. Add voice comments to your recordings to make it more realistic. Surprise your kids by showing them proof of “The Tooth Mouse” walking near them while they sleep. So many possibilities, put your creativity to work! *Unlimited saving of videos is unlocked with a one-time in-app purchase.- Take a PhotoThe best photo booth app! You can take a picture of Raton Perez while your child sleeps and print directly from your phone. Create a childhood keepsake that will last forever.*Watermark will be deleted with a one-time in-app purchase.- Print a Custom CertificateMake a custom Raton Perez Tooth Certificate with your child's name, date and tooth lost. Print easily directly from your phone with a one-time in app purchase.Everything from your phone!Record, Save, Print and Share with your family and friends.FEATURES- Record Raton Perez on different scenarios- Take a photo and add Raton Perez stickers, (many options available, Raton Perez selfie, standing up, thumbs up, tooth on hand, and more)- Fill out the Raton Perez certificate directly from your phone. Add your child’s name, date and tooth lost. Print directly from your phone.PLEASE NOTERaton Perez App is free to download and use. Some in-app features can be purchased. Combo prices available. Prices are in USD. Pricing in other countries may vary.

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