Sehhaty | صحتي ícone

Sehhaty | صحتي

  • APP : Sehhaty | صحتي
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Saúde e fitness

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Sehhaty | صحتي

Sehhaty | صحتي íconeSehhaty App is a health application provided under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia in line with its vision to improve the standards of healthcare and develop its services.It aims to promote healthy lifestyle by spreading health awareness overall and enabling individuals and families in the Kingdom to access health information and services provided by different health organizations in the Kingdom.The application includes services such as:⁃ COVID-19 vaccine appointment booking.⁃ COVID-19 test appointment booking.⁃ Book an appointment in primary healthcare centers.⁃ Immediate consultations.⁃ Search for medication and the nearest pharmacies.⁃ View issued sick leave.⁃ View E-prescription.⁃ Vaccines.⁃ Vital signs readings.⁃ Steps tracker.⁃ Infection prevention and control.⁃ Add dependents.⁃ School screening results.

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