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The Tenet Way

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The Tenet Way

The Tenet Way íconeThe Tenet Way, a compliance application designed for Tenet Health employees, places information and resources at employee fingertips. This new innovative resource tool contains Corporate Policies and Procedures summarized into lay language utilizing bullet point structure and decision trees. The application offers six decision trees which are featured on the home screen to walk users through a series of questions to a decision and/or resource link to read more. Policies can be accessed through the main menu or searched using key words and/or filters to narrow the criteria. Links to full policy documents and related resource materials, such as handbooks and training videos, are available within the application. A glossary of defined terms is accessible through the main menu or by clicking on underlined terms throughout the application screens. Your favorite or frequently accessed documents can be flagged and retrieved on demand. Enable push notifications to stay current with policy, procedure and training updates.Have questions or want to report a concern? Employees are able to ask policy related questions or raise concerns directly from the application.

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