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Tooth Fairy CAMERA

  • APP : Tooth Fairy CAMERA
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Criar os filhos

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Tooth Fairy CAMERA

Tooth Fairy CAMERA íconeCreate videos with an animated Tooth Fairy. Fairies are unlocked with a one time purchase. It is free to take screenshots that can be used as photos.The Tooth Fairy is shown in real-time, as you record. You can follow her with the camera, as she flies about in your home.After experiencing his own kids’ strong reactions to this evidence of Tooth Fairies, and stories about the Tooth Fairy, Soren Lisager decided to use his experience with 3D and special effects, to give other parents an extra tool to share these experiences with their kids.Tooth Fairy CAMERA features: -An animated fairy who can perform several actions: -Looking for the kid’s room -She brings a coin -She gets startled and escapesQuestions or feedback [email protected]

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