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Wifi Key Handshake

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Wifi Key Handshake

Wifi Key Handshake íconeyou will learn how to set up the lab for hacking. So,you may have operation system like Windows, Linux or Mac OS X but for hacking you need specified operation system like Kali or Backtrack. These operation systems are created for hacking and penetration testing. They have support almost all of hacking programs. Good news, these operation system sare free. In this book, we are going to install and use Kali.etcApps inside points1.Setting up the lab2.Hide identify, become untraceable3.Wireless modes4.Catching handshake5.Cracking any wireless network6.Securing Your Network From The Above AttacksWhat is mac address?How to hide MAC address?Change MAC address by KaliCracking any wireless networkCongratulations!!! You already hacked WPA secured wireless network!!! It is time to secure our wireless network because as you know it is very simple to hack, and if someone will do, he can then capture packets that are sent over the network and analys them. There will be your mail password, your social network password, card pin and so on. It is very dengerous to do not have secure wireless network.Conclusion:1. Do not use WEP encryption, as we seen how easy it is to crack it regardless of the complexity of the password and even if there is nobody connected to the network.2. Use WPA2 with a complex password, make sure the password contains small letters, capital letters, symbols and numbers and;3. Ensure that the WPS feature is disabled as it can be used to crack your complex WPA2 key by brute-forcing the easy WPS pin.

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