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WordUp Vocabulary

WordUp íconeWordUp is the easiest way to learn English words and understand them deeply, with entertaining examples from movies, songs, famous quotes and more. It is unlike any vocabulary builder app you've seen before!Here at WordUp, we know that no one knows every English word in the dictionary, including you…and that’s completely fine! But how good would it feel knowing that you know most if not all of the many important and more frequently used words? WordUp’s revolutionary approach to learning new English words and expanding your vocabulary will leave you feeling confident in any scenario. Whether you are native English speaker or your English just needs some work, WordUp can identify which important words you don’t know and give you fun and engaging tools to learn them. Our scientifically proven method of space repetition will teach you worthwhile and frequently used words as well as focus on one word at a time, aiding long term retention and focus only on you and your progress. It works based on 4 simple steps:1. Assess yourself2. Discover which words you don't know3 .Learn words in order of importance4. Learn words in the correct context WordUp can be utilised by everyone and there are many reasons why, below are some examples how: – Native English speakers – to generally improve your vocabulary and knowledge of words- Non native English speakers – to learn english from scratch and expand your horizons – English teachers – a classroom tool or form of AFL- Employer – a way to improve communication skills at work – Government officials – standardize language skills, irrespective of role or department – Students – to help prep for a IELTS or TOEFL examHow can WordUp Benefit you:- Improve your general quality of life- Optimize career opportunities and widen job searches – Allow you to engage more comfortably in intellectual conversations- Expand your vocabulary in a fun and engaging way – Strengthen the communication and bond in a relationship formed with a -language barrier (break language barriers)- Allow you to teach family and friends the greatest skill, communication Terms of Use:https://www.wordupapp.co/terms.html#termsPrivacy Policy:https://www.wordupapp.co/terms.html#privacy

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