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Capstesia íconeTest Capstesia for free 30 days and then you can decide to subscribe for 5 Euros/month.Forget about using expensive devices, cables and monitors in your operating room or in your resuscitation box. Forget about limiting the access of advance hemodynamic monitoring to some patients.Capstesia provides you timely access to the hemodynamic parameters that you require (PPV, CO, CI, PVR, dP/dtmax) to guide fluid therapy and it will help you make the right decision in the hemodynamic management of patients at each instant.You just have to take a picture to the monitor screen that displays your patient’s arterial pulse pressure curve. Crop the signal that you want to analyze, and enter the blood pressure values and heart rate.Capstesia digitizes the signal and estimates in real-time the pulse pressure variation (PPV), cardiac output (CO) and the peak of the fisrt derivative (dP/dtmax).The results are listed to estimate derived parameters such as cardiac index and pulmonary vascular resistance or to graph the evolution of the parameters over time.It’s so easy! You can use Capstesia with any monitor screen, you can use it with as many patients as you want, it does not require initial calibration and it is automatically updated. Capstesia arises from the need of specialists in perioperative medicine and critical care to find tools to extend the use of advanced hemodynamic monitoring (either by the high cost of other devices, either by the lack of access to them).Capstesia estimates PPV and dP/dtmax through the data obtained digitizing the invasive blood pressure signal, and CO using a mathematical algorithm based onthe area under the curve of blood pressure curve up to the onset of the dicrotic wave.Capstesia is intuitive and usable .And if it would be possible to apply Capstesia to our patient’s curve of pulse oximetry?*** For the proper performance of this application ,you must have installed the version of Google Play 3.10.10 or higher.

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