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Catalyst Client

Catalyst íconeThe most comprehensive and flexible data collection technology ever designed!With Catalyst, users can collect:* Discrete Trials* Task Analysis (Forward/backward chaining)* Echoic Sounds* Toileting Data* Duration* Frequency* Behavior event/ABC data* Partial Interval* Whole Interval* Momentary Time sampling* Fluency/Rate* Quantity/Percentage* Anecdotal InformationDeveloped for the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod touch, Catalyst is a state-of-the-art technology for collecting, managing, and using your data—by far the most comprehensive and flexible system available. Using Catalyst, a family or organization can completely eliminate paper data sheets, all of the time spent entering data, and mountains of paper graphs. Parents or professionals can then spend more time teaching, and program managers, such as BCBA’s, can access critical information quicker and much more efficiently, including online viewing of the Catalyst data collected on the iPad almost instantaneously. Catalyst is not just a data collection tool for iOS Devices; it is not just an online system for data storage, management, graphing, and analysis. It is both! The iOS app automatically integrates with the online portal! What's more, you can collect your data offline; Catalyst will automatically sync with your portal when an internet connection becomes available. Because you define how Catalyst works for you, huge amounts of program down time can be eliminated because Catalyst will automatically notify you of mastery or identify problem areas. Users can also set alerts to notify you of trends that need professional attention, thus also minimizing time spent analyzing data. The online graphing engine allows for dozens of different views of student data, all customizable in real time. For example, users can sort data by different instructors, morning versus afternoon, “raw” numbers of trial counts during a day, average numbers of trials to mastery criteria, numbers of instructors who have recorded data, and much more. Data can easily be compared with other targets and behaviors, and graphs can be annotated to note averages, data point values, condition lines, and many other statistical details. Diagnostic data can also be sorted in a wide variety of ways—specify the time period you want to view, graph antecedents for just one behavior or several, view scatterplots of each behavior separately or in any combination, graph consequences of specific behaviors, and isolate other diagnostic variables by behavior . . . all in real time with one click of the mouse! Catalyst simply allows you to spend less time with your data and more time with your learner.

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