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Click Media +

Click Media + ícone+++++++++ Quickly Add Vehicles to Stock With EaseOnce dealers add a vehicle via the Click Media Plus app lookup, the advert spec will load in all of the standard features of the vehicle taken from CAP data and dealerships can even highlight costed options to attract more attention to their stock advert.+++++++++ Add Vehicle Imagery PromptlyThe phone’s camera roll can also be accessed through the new app at any time to upload previously taken stock images alongside, 360 interior and exterior videos, showing customers every inch of the vehicle and cementing their trust.+++++++++ Exterior 360 Carousel Functionality The latest innovation from Click Dealer also gives dealers the functionality to create their own 360 carousel exterior images, whether they have a turntable and can rotate vehicles automatically or if not, they can walk around the vehicle themselves and the app will stitch the images together into a seamless, professional 360 degree walk around clip, to give potential customers increased confidence and trust in the dealership’s stock.+++++++++ Interior 360 Carousel FunctionalityWith the use of a Ricoh Theta camera, dealers can easily create an internal 360 carousel images to showcase the inside of their stock to consumers. In a similar way to the exterior, Click Media Plus can stitch together the images taken by the camera to create a full inside walk around video for interested parties to view the interior before stepping foot on the forecourt or even out of their house!This frictionless process will keep dealers ahead of their competition and champion them as reliable, transparent and customer-centric.

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