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  • APP : ClipKey
  • Relatório : Android
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  • Categoria : Produtividade

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ClipKey íconeClipKey is a clipboard manager intended to be used in conjunction with a default or third-party keyboard.ClipKey keeps track of what you copy into your system's clipboard. Its clipboard history then allows you to easily access what you copied previously and paste it wherever you want.Opening the ClipKey Clipboard is as simple as selecting it from your system's keyboard switching menu.You can further increase accessibility to frequently used clips, by adding them to ClipKey's favorites – recommended for ASCII graphics like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Permissions:*Network access* is required for showing ads in the settings activity. It is not used otherwise.*Run at startup* is required for detecting changes to the system clipboard in a more robust manner.Be aware:There is no special permission required for reading the system's clipboard content. Every app has access to the clipboard, regardless of whether ClipKey is installed. Be cautious to never copy sensitive or private texts to your clipboard.

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