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GamePlan íconeA simple application to quickly search Metacritic for video games. It will display the metascore and you can click through to the Metacritic page for that game. You can filter out which consoles to search for in the settings menu. Consoles currently supported:-PC-PS2-PS3-PS4-PS5-Xbox 360-Xbox One-Xbox Series X-Wii-WiiU-Switch-3DS-DS-PSP-PS VitaBy clicking on the scanner icon you can use your phones camera to quickly scan the barcode of a video game. This feature requires a separate download of the app Barcode Scanner.Once you click on the game you were searching for, you will be taken to the details page. On the details page you go to the Metacritic site itself by clicking the Cover art or title text. You will be able to browse all the reviews and get more details on the Metacritic site.Send me an any ideas you have to improve the app!This app is not an official Metacritic app and is in now way associated with or it's parent company.

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