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Half-Life monsters

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Half-Life monsters

Half-Life monsters íconeWelcome back Black Mesa and City 17 survivor !Try to guess all of the Half-Life and Half-Life 2 Monsters and Weapons , Units , People , Places , Levels and much more !Remember the Headcrab ? playing with Alyx Vance ? the mighty Strider ? or that fearsome civil protection units ? Remember the G-man ?This game is made for true hardcore Half-Life fans and players !Remember playing as Gordon Freeman or as Barnet Calhoun in Half-Life blue shift ?The game is FREE and includes all of the monsters , weapons and units in all Half-Life games made by Valve.Plus added some fun extras from Half-Life: opposing force , Half-Life: blue shift AND Half-Life 2: episode one and two !Try to guess them all and get rewards after each level, can you guess all of them ?Lets see if you can finish all the levels and be a real Half-Life expert player .This game includes :✔ Half-Life and Half-Life 2 monsters , units and weapons✔ Half-Life: Opposing Force , Half-Life: Blue Shift extras and units✔ Half-Life 2: Episode One , Half-Life 2: Episode Two extras and units✔ Multi language support ! English , German , Spanish , Russian , Arabic , Italian, Polish , french , Hebrew and many more! ✔ Online levels✔ Cool sounds and graphics✔ Regular updatesWill be added soon : ✔ Half-Life: Alyx extras like units and weapons and creatures✔ More levelsGood luck professor Freeman !

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