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MyFridgeFood íconeNotice: we've removed the app from non-English speaking countries. We're working on additional language support, so please check back soon!Ever look into your fridge at the $200 worth of groceries you just bought, and end up eating string cheese cause you don't know what to do with the rest?? Over 2 Million people in the MyFridgeFood community are here to help. Find easy recipes using what you ALREADY have in your kitchen (always for FREE). Check off what you have and see where you can go! All the recipes are user-submitted so they've been tested by real people at home. Great for if you're looking for a specific recipe, or just a little inspiration. Recipes can be filtered by specific ingredients (i.e. if your cucumbers are about to go bad and you need a recipe), categories (Chicken, Beef, Fish, etc…), and by nutritional information (Fat, Calories, etc…). Also, submit your own recipes to MyFridgeFood to share your style and brand with the community!

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