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  • APP : Sculpt+
  • Relatório : Android
  • Desenvolvedor : Home
  • Categoria : Arte e design

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Sculpt+ íconeSculpt+ is a 3D Sculpting and Painting app, Its features are easy to learn, it allows you to model 3D objects as if they were virtual clay, You can start with simple objects like spheres and cubes, or you can import your own models.????????• Multiple sculpting tools: Standard, Smooth, Inflate, Move, Pull/Push, Trim, Flatten, Crease, Rotate.• Alpha texture support for each tool.• Multiple base meshes (Sphere, Cube …)• Mesh subdivision/remeshing.• Vertex painting/masking.• Export as .OBJ / .STL• Import .OBJ• Custom Matcap/Alpha textures.• Save Renders and Turntable gifs of your creations.• Undo/Redo support.• Object mirroring.• Multi-touch navigation.• and many other features(Use of a Stylus is recommended)

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