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Soccer Stats

Soccer Stats íconeAs a professional soccer (football) coach of young players, the ultimate goal is to induce improvement in athlete performance. Performances in the previous matches, will be most important input when you are planning and preparing coming training sessions in order to improve the whole team and players individually.This app allows you or your helpers to record activities such as goal, shot, cross, interception, clear etc happening on the field in real time. At same time you can select the player and one of the 24 zones of the soccer field. This will give you insights what happened on the field, what the team did well, and what the team needed to improve on an individual match.As season moves on, this app will aggregate the activities of all matches automatically and present them in charts on the whole team and each individual player. This allows you analyze the performance and trend of the team, identify the strength and weakness of each individual player easily. Best of all, you can invite other coaches or parents as the users of this team. Everybody can analyze all these information on their own tablets, or a larger PC screen by logging to the JB ESolutions Soccer web site.

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